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SaltWater Fishing Charters

Endless fishing adventure amoungst a backdrop of rugged alaskan beauty

we offer combo charters as well as multi-species charters:


Halibut  are some of the best eating fish in these cold Alaskan waters. They average 20 to 40 lbs, although you never know when a really big one may come along. Our largest was 340 lbs, caught in 2007…

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Nothing can warm you up more than hooking onto and fighting a feisty bright chrome King Salmon or a Silver Salmon. Join us for a fun filled fishing adventure.  …Read More


Rockfish are a very agressive, hard fighting fish for their size and can be a handfull on our light weight tackle. It has been said they are some of the best eating fish in Alaskan waters and are a personal favorite of ours..Read More

The Grand Slam

Our overwhelmingly most popular charter is the GRAND SLAM – where we go after all three species in one adventurous day! Plan on seeing sites that few see and pulling in fish that few have caught.

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Our Charter Options:

  • Our most popular charter by far is our “Grand Slam” multi-species charter targeting halibut, rockfish and salmon all in one day.

  • We also offer combo charters that ensure a fun and action packed day of fishing and catching a variety of fish. Whether you’re after halibut, tasty salmon or want to have fun jigging up Rockfish we can put together a package that fits your needs. 

We’ll start from Homer Alaska, known as the ” Halibut Capital of the World”. Throughout the day you will be surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and sea life while fishing….so don’t forget your camera!!!

Taking in the mountain views is just one of the benefits

of fishing Alaskian coastal waters

The custom built 33′ all aluminum Arctic Addiction trolling for king salmon

The view from my office…

We do full day charters and can fish up to 6 people comfortably. The cabin is heated and has a marine“head” for your comfort and convenience.

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