Saltwater Salmon
King salmon can be caught year round in Cook Inlet. Lots of folks are discovering the thrill of our winter king
fishery. Got cabin fever? Trolling for winter king salmon in Homer Alaska is the sure cure! Nothing can warm you
up more on a cold winter day than hooking up with a chrome bright king. This can be the ultimate reward for
making it through another long Alaskan winter. Join us for a fun filled fishing adventure. After a day on the water
spring will definitely seem much closer. In certain areas your limit is 2 per person.
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Saltwater Silver Salmon
Saltwater Kings
Saltwater silver salmon fishing in the Cook Inlet can be action packed. These Salmon are eating machines. They can be
caught close to shore, out in the middle of the Inlet and many areas in between. The most common method of catching
silvers in the salt is trolling although many are caught while jigging. Silvers generally run in large schools while on their
way to the rivers to spawn. It's not unusual to have 3 or even 4 of these hooked at the same time when the bite is on!
They average from 8 to 16 lbs with some topping the 20lb mark! These acrobatic turbo charged salmon are capable of
just about anything. Come with us and join the fun!!   
The limit is 3 per person on the salt