Welcome to Manns Charter Service
Saltwater Charters....
Halibut Charters: $300/pp    same in 2022
Halibut-Salmon Charters: $330/pp  
Salmon-Rockfish Charters: $330/pp  2022-$350/pp
Halibut-Rockfish Charters: $350/pp  2022-$370/pp

The Multi-species
Halibut, Rockfish and Salmon: $370/pp  

Prices so not include local sales tax
7.85% in Homer

Cabin Rental....
Give us a call for current rate
You can also view our listing at...
Cancellation Policy
Your payment/deposit will be non-refundable if
you cancel your charter
60 days of less prior to
your scheduled charter date.
If we can rebook your seats you will be refunded
(less any processing fees)