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King Salmon
1st Run June Kings
Second Run July Kings
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The first run of Kasilof king salmon starts toward the end of May. While being a bit smaller than the July
kings, these fish are more abundant and will give you lots of excitement while on the hook. What a great
way to start out the season with your fishing rod doubled over and the line peeling off the spool faster
than you can imagine! Drift boat fishing is one of the most relaxing and thrilling ways to fish Alaska's
glacial rivers here on the Kenai Peninsula.  
July kings are the largest  of the Chinook salmon. Prepare for battle! They can easily weigh in excess of
60 lbs! Many have said when they tightened the line on one of these it felt as if they had hooked a truck!
Nothing can compare to trying to land one of these monsters while drifting down a swift, shallow river
with nothing more than a set of oars and the best gear money can buy! Many fishermen have been
humbled by the extreme power of the mighty king salmon. It has been said many times over "I didn't
think I had a chance of landing that fish". Some  Kings have been on the hook well over an hour before
being landed.
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